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Top 5 Websites to Learn Web Designing Completely

Nowadays it’s a great trend to learn Web Designing because designing of creative web pages is not just a fun but also a fast way to earn money that’s why newbies run to learn web designing which includes a combination of different languages and software like HTML, CSS, Photoshop, JavaScript more on HTML5 and CSS3. In today’s post I will share some top websites from where you can learn this course complete with examples. I deeply worked on that sites and after investigation and learn many new things myself from that sites I am going to share with you.


Whenever we talk about learn web designing, the first website is w3schools because all the tutorials are complete and updates on this website so this is the best place to learn. You can also test your codes in live editors in this website.


Although this is the best site for PHP and web development you can also learn all tools of web designing here. This site also has some Video Tutorials which are extremely helpful because you can learn more by watching live projects.


This is also a very good website, you can learn complete HTML and CSS within 30 days. You can learn here Photoshop too in a professional way for Free.


This is also one of the best websites to learn web designing. It resembles w3schools. You can find live examples and projects with their source codes and explanations with Tips here.


Well, I think above 4 sites are enough to learn and become expert in Web designing field but HTMLdog is also a good site for beginners where you can explore all the terms of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


I notice most of the readers are from India and Pakistan so you learn Web Designing HTML/CSS/JavaScript in Hindi and Urdu languages by watching live projects of websites. This website is newly started by one of my v.good respected friend Wali Khan. I hope you will learn many things from this site.

Web Design eBook

To be able to increase the potency of your e-book website, you must give consideration to the design. Many companies use e-books to explain their services, such as essential marketer in Birmingham. You will find amounts of various techniques that will assist you with this particular, however, we’ll concentrate on the aspects which, within our opinion, will certainly make sure that your e-book Web site design works well.

E-book Website Requirements

First off, you have to make sure that your website can be simply discovered by search engines like google. Statistically, a lot more than 60 % of searches within the Internet are carried out using Google internet search engine, therefore, to improve your odds of being found you should make sure that your e-book web site design satisfies several Google needs:

-The content of the site has to be relevant. To accomplish this, make sure you use the right key phrases. Additionally, periodic updates are essential. Google internet search engine also “favors” websites that have plenty of helpful links and knowledge, for example “About the writerInch, etc -Don’t write lengthy sales letters. They must be concise yet convincing and relevant.Google internet search engine has additionally several needs with regards to the constituents from the e-book website.

At the top page it is vital to incorporate several navigation bars for example Home, Frequently asked questions, Articles, Order, and phone. At the end it’s fundamental to have navigation bars like Affiliate marketers, Blog, RSS, and map. Make certain that Online Privacy Policy and Relation to Use bars will also be present (usually at the end too).

Monitoring and Fine-Tuning

Review profits Letter every 2 days!In order to achieve that you can use the strategy known as Split TestingThat means testing two or more different versions of the website concurrently. This method will help you in examining the results of particular changes towards the e-book web site design in your sales and traffic.

Items to Split-

Test can include:

-Headline Wording or Formatting

  • Recommendations – Supply the particulars of the individual: title, condition, and occupation. Video recommendations are usually more efficient than audio or text-Hook or story wording – Ought to be compelling

-Offer Wording – Make use of the words of those interviewed, so that they think you’re “reading through their brainsInch- Offer – Number and kinds of bonuses or up

-sells could be examined too. You might regularly speak to your existing clients asking whether or not they loved your book, the things they think is missing, etc

-Guarantee wording.

You may even review your e-book website, pretending to become the possibility customer and request yourself the next questions:

-Will the website look interesting?

-How do you feel like me reading through?-Will I believe the claims the website is making?-Will I feel compelled to purchase an item?

-Will the product represent a great good value?

-Shall We Be Held convinced the merchandise can help me?-Will I feel safe giving my charge card particulars?

Web Designing Tools That Every Web Designer Uses

Out of all the tools in their tool belt, it is quite likely that they have at least one tool that falls into one of four categories of designing tools.

Mock-up/ Wireframing/ Prototyping Tools

Mock-up tools are either free or commercial software that you can use to plan out your website layout. They typically employ a drag and drop interface and are quite intuitive to use. They are a good way to communicate your design to potential clients or to share your ideas and thoughts with colleagues. In addition, they are great for organizing and visualizing your design before implementing them. Mock-ups will allow for initial planning, which can definitely save a significant amount of time.

Browser Developer Tools For Debugging

Browser developer tools are tools that allow you to modify html and css on the fly through your web browser. In fact you can go to any existing website, modify the css and html and see the immediate changes on the screen. These tools are almost a necessity to any web designer as it will greatly increase efficiency. Instead of having to recompile and refresh your browser when building your design, you can use the development tools to get your design right before implementing it.

Graphics Editing Software

Every web designer has some sort of graphics editing software. Whether you need to create a logo or create a skin for a menu, graphics editing software is necessary. Almost every picture you see in the internet has been edited with a digital graphics editing tool, showing the prominence of these tools. Photoshop is by far the most popular editing software for creating simple and complex graphics. However, there are some free alternatives, such as GIMP.

Design Inspiration Websites

This is slightly different than the others from the list since it isn’t really a tool, but more of a resource. Web designer’s block occurs when a designer gets uninspired and unable to come up with design ideas. This is something that web designer’s encounter from time to time and can become an incredibly time consuming endeavour. Luckily, there are some websites which solely focus on showcasing existing web page designs for people to look at. The featured websites are often modern in design and are a good way to keep up with the latest design ideas. In addition, there are several sites that can be utilized to view some artwork which can inspire new design ideas.

As you can see, having a designing tool in each of these four categories can greatly help you as a web designer. It can help improve productivity and help you formulate and communicate your ideas. The best tool for each category is somewhat subjective and will vary from designer to designer. You will just have to try out a few to see which appeals to you the most.